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Masterpieces & Single Pieces

Helios MC Phono Stage  
Reflecting the spirit of excellence...
Functional Prototype
Consisting of the Calibre AM D3A6C45 RC and AM 6C45 LCR a new chapter opens this Phono Stage in the amplifier construction.
Calibre AM D3A6C45 RC MC/MM Phono Stage
The MC Input is realized using an MC transformer with eligible entrances. The amplification amounts 20dB or 26dB, the adjustment to the pickups occurs by adapting of resistors in a separate socket.
The heart of the MM Phono Amplifier is a 2-stage, transformer-coupled circuit design with RC-RIAA EQ network. As voltage stages a D3A - triode connected - and a 6C45 triode is used, of course in Single Ended Class A.
Calibre AM 6C45 LCR LCR Phono Driver
The separate LCR Driver extends the concept to a 3-stage Phono Amplifier with LCR-RIAA EQ network. Here, the RC-RIAA in the Calibre D3A6C45MM is bridged and the equalization of the Phono signal occurs in the LCR Driver. The amplification likewise occurs with one, transformer-coupled, 6C45 in single Ended design.
Upgrades & enlargement:
Harthor Power Supply for Calibre AM D3A6C45 RC & AM 6C45 LCR - substitutes for the respective Basic Power Supply 
Following combinations or stages of development are possible:
  • Phono Stage with Basic Power Supply
  • Harthor Power Supply Upgrade for Cal. AM D3A6C45 RC
  • Phono Driver with Basic Power Supply
  • Harthor Power Supply Upgrade for Cal. AM 6C45 LCR
03 MC Phono Stage  


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