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  02 IVC Line Stage  
  03 MC Phono Stage  
  04 SE 300B  
Masterpieces & Single Pieces

Helios Modular Collection  

designed for Music Lovers which have simple one target: to dive into the sensuality and inspiration of music with all its emotions.
The modular concept of this amplifier series allows building up a system step by step without the needless of selling the premier components.

Basic amplifiers:

  • Preamplifier with IVC - inductive volume control
  • MC Phono Amplifier with RC-RIAA-EQ
  • 300B SE Power Amplifier

Following extensions & upgrades are available:

  • Driver Stage for IVC LineStage with 45 tube
  • Driver Stage for MC PhonoStage with LCR-RIAA-EQ
  • Harthor Power Supplies
01 description  


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