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Masterpieces & Single Pieces

Helios IVC Line Stage
The Grand Art to simplify the big kind of complications...

Calibre AM 6C45 IVC
Consisting of the Calibre AM 6C45 IVC and AM 245 LD a new chapter opens this Line Stage in the amplifier construction.
Calibre AM 6C45 IVC – Line Stage
Heart of the preamplifier is of the IVC – Inductive Volume Control. The IVC converts the signal tension into stream, a better way of the volume control. As a voltage amplifier a transformer-coupled 6C45 Triode is used in single Ended Class A. IVC Line Stages do sound much cleaner at small signal level because, on this occasion, they don’t "deaden" the sound quality.
Calibre AM 245 LD – Line Driver
With the separate Line Driver the preliminary stage can be extended to a 2-stage concept, thus seen arises, on this occasion, a small Power Amplifier. This decouples the voltage amplifier and allows a reproduction increased again with Verve and dynamism.


Inductive Volume Control - IVC
Upgrades & enlargement:
Harthor Power Supply for Calibre AM6C45IVC & AM245LD - substitutes for the respective Basic Power Supply 

Following combinations or stages of development are possible:

  • Line Stage with Basic Power Supply
  • Harthor Power Supply Upgrade for Cal. AM 6C45 IVC
  • Line Driver with Basic Power Supply
  • Harthor Power Supply Upgrade for Cal. AM 245 LD
02 IVC Line Stage  


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