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Masterpieces & Single Pieces

Helios 300B SE Amplifier  

The Power & Glory – Simply the best in Single Ended Amplification! 

WE 300B
Calibre 300B - Output Stage
The 300B will often provide with the title „Queen of the Triode“. Indeed, it is known for her middle tone, walking along with full, rich timbre as well as with an excellent representation, and so popular tube.
Calibre 245 - Driver Stage
Driver's own an essential influence on the circuit, therefore we concentrate with the draft affectionately upon this detail. We use the Triode "45", this count with experts as one of the tubes built one day, as a driver's step to the 300B. Beside her linearity the highlights are filigree, incredibly natural and agile tonality.
Calibre 6SN7 - Input Stage
The input signal is strengthened by a well-known tube – 6SN7 – and is passed on to the driver's stage. Full timbres and serenely are this Triode still the first choice for this area.


Upgrades & enlargement: 
Harthor Power Supply - substitute for the Basic Power Supply
Basic details:
  • Transformer coupled - Single Ended Class A - circuit
  • Power Output approx. 6W
  • transformer coupled circuit
  • Output impedances eligible, e.g., 8 & 16 Ω
04 Amplifier  


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