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Signature Turntable
MC Transformer
Vega Masterpiece Turntable  
The base is made out of a combination of various tone wood and is a masterly achievement of the instrument making. Many years' storage, as well as a multi-layered Multiplex construct proves the base for a perfect admission of the plate camp.

Especially arranged resonance chambers prevent, by transformation of the energy, resonations or vibrations of the material, and with it transference to the record plate

Vega Tonearm Base
The bearing is laid out on the most minimum tolerance, silent run and long life span. With his geometry and material choice every swinging inclination is virtually suppressed - a masterly achievement of fine-mechanical precision from 40-years in bearing design.  
The separate, stable drive unity contains the motor and his controller. The impulse of the platter occurs about an especially polished, virtually endless, flat belt. Both speeds – 33.33rpm & 45 rpm – can be fine-adjusted separately.

The separate tone arm basis is also laid out on stability and decouples the tone arm with his pickup effectively from the impulse or the chassis. Tone arms of any geometry and length can be used of course by the separate installation
Vega Turntable Tonearm Rest
Motor & Controller

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