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Signature Turntable
MC Transformer
Vega Masterpiece Turntable  
A jewel of the analogous turntable construction – the nicest kind to listen to his beloved disks!

The form and function, the being and his appearance form a perfect harmony in the highest completion. It’s nobly and timeless in the design, as well as enticing in the sound - a successful synthesis from craft skill and engineer's art.

Vega Turntable
Like the Bossa Nova is a musical form of expression for sentimentality and explains any ramifications and states of the life, the Vega turntable is an analogy with regard to the analogous music reproduction.

The owner builds up without fail a personal connection to his drive to have finished the discussion with the certainty, and devotes itself to the music.
Vega Turntable Tonearm Rest
Vega Tonearm base
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