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Masterpiece Turntable
01 desription
MC Transformer
Arcturus Signature Turntable  
A design study of our analogous record player construction – an elegance it likes right away. The form and function, the being and his appearance form a perfect harmony in the highest completion.

The project comes already from 1995 and was realized under the label "Revelation", and the plinth takes unambiguously a loan from building a harpsichord.

Harmonious proportions spray discrete charm and characteristic elegance. A marked and dynamic design with clear and pure forms.
Arcturus Signature Turntable
Arcturus Prototype
The typical signs of our Masterpiece turntable "Vega" with regard to the construction of the plinth, to the platter bearing and the motor unity are fully integrated here.  


  • Plinth is from a combination of various sound wood with Especially arranged resonance chambers
  • Bearing is laid out on the most minimum tolerance, silent run and long life span
  • Into the plinth integrated separate, stable motor unity
  • Platter is driven by an especially polished, virtually endless, level strap
  • Fine adjustment of both speeds – 33.33rpm & 45rpm
  • In the plinth integrated and decoupled tone arm base for up to 12“ tone arms
Vega Turntable Tonearm Rest
Motor & Controller
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