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Reference Tonearm
Signature Tonearm
Reference Cartridge
Nobile Signature Tonearm  
The “small brother” of the Grandezza Grand Reference on no account is only one downgrading of this excellent tone arm.

The aim of the development was a tone arm with lower actual mass to develop, however, with the same abbot branch qualities and leadership qualities, as well as constant musicality.

At the same time one laid the attention to the material choice around an also more affordable product to be able to offer without having to renounce the high high-class standards.
Da Vinci Audio Nobile Tonearm detail
Nobile Front View

Constructive signs:

  • Conical 4-point camps from 8 rubies > like by Grandezza Reference
  • Carbon tone arm pipe
  • Tone arm cable with 1-m length (other lengths if requested)
  • Headshell & Camp block of aluminum
  • Traditional pattern anti-skate
  • Counterbalances & base from high-grade steel

The tone arm Nobile is available only in 10.5"-versions.

It can be said here also:
Mount a pickup, put on a record and enjoy the music.

Da Vinci Audio Nobile on Turntable
Nobile Side View


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