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Grandezza Grand Reference Tonearm  
The Grandezza Tone arm is a combination of Swiss precision mechanics and filigree watchmaker's art.

Important development objectives, beside the musicality, were points like resonances loyalty, abbot branch loyalty and leadership loyalty, weight distribution and a thought-out, highly exact manufacturing depth.

The highly precision bearing of the "Grandezza" of tone arm is based on a double Cardan principle, is polished in costly manual labour and, among the rest, and exists of 8 rubies. This bearing principle is based on an old watchmaker's tradition.
Da Vinci Audio Grandezza Tonearm detail
Grandezza Bearing
The Grandezza disposes of a magnetic damping, however, no Anti-skating in the customary sense.   
By the use of several counterbalances, which are decoupled of course by the tone arm pipe, nearly all pickups can be balanced. The high musicality will also leave out by the deliberate one of various set possibilities achieved.

As a crowning end becomes this "cream piece" of a tone arm either with a breath of 24k yellow gold, or if requested with rhodium covered. Of course the necessary adjust tool kit belongs to the scope of supply.

Mount a pickup, put on a record and enjoy the music.

Now already a classic under the tone arms, built for the eternity – Made in Switzerland!
Da Vinci Audio Grandezza on Vega Turntable
Grandezza Tonearm


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