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Open Baffle Project

Norma Monitor Speaker  
Timeless classic in the sound and noble elegance…

Collectors estimate the tonal and artistic quality of legendary admissions of labels like Decca, Living In stereo or Mercury Living Presence.

At this time a monitor loudspeaker with coaxial chassis was in recording studios the measure of all things. The best known representatives are here Altec 604 and Tannoy, but also RCA, Stephens-Truesonic or Jensen.

These chassis draw themselves as a perfect approach to a point sound spring, nevertheless, are explained as 2-weg systems.

Norma Monitor with MI 9449CX
The result is a time-right representation with harmony, spatial coherence and depth. Experts swarm for the advantages of these Monitors. They unfold easily the potential of Triode amplifiers.  
We have decided a RCA MI9449CX as our reference for our reference "Norma". Tonally a class for himself and, unfortunately, no more availably.

The case has occurred a multiplex construct of Italian sound wood, his manufacturing and spraying according to criteria of the music instrument making.

Should you own such a chassis, e.g., an " Altec 604 “, and we inspire for one such monitor then ready with pleasure for you such a unique specimen. If you own a loudspeaker chassis, we the know-how for a loudspeaker of the world- / special class.

Jesnen Coaxial Chassis
01 description  


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